Mediterranean pistachio paste 3 kg without colourings

Mediterranean pistachio paste 3 kg without colourings


Pistachio paste, brand: Gelando. to make excellent pistachio desserts: cakes, creams, ice creams, granitas. Paste obtained from lightly toasted Mediterranean pistachios and reduced to a fine and homogeneous paste, without the addition of colourants. The use of highly selected raw materials ensures a persistence of the aromatic note. To make excellent ice creams and granitas. RECOMMENDED DOSAGE: 80/100 g per liter of ice cream product, 100/130 g per liter of pastry product.



APPLICATIONS AND HOW TO USE: Add the pistachio paste during the pasteurization process of the ice cream mixture. Do not pick up the product with wet tools. Keep in a cold and dry place. Packaging: 3 kg tin

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Product Code COD.00802N

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